Inline and Phrase Elements

Describe inline and phrase elements here.

Table 1. Inline and phrase elements and brief description
Element Description
a Linking element
abbr Abbreviation
b makes text bold
basefont Sets the default font properties
bdo Reverses the direction of text
big Increase the font size
br Creates a line break in a block of text
cite Used to show a citation
code Identifies computer code
dfn Illustrates a defining term
em Adds emphasis to text
font Set the font values
i Indicates text to be made italic
img An image
input Form element to collect user information
kbd Identify keyboard key strokes
label Used to associate text with a form control
q Identify short quotes
s Strikes through text
samp Identifies a sample of characters
select Drop down list form element
small Reduce the font size
span Generic inline container
strike Indicates text to have a strike-through
strong Strongly emphasised
sub Indicates subscript
sup Superscript text
textarea Multiple line text input area
tt Teletype or monospaced text
u Underline characters
var Indicates that text is variable

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