alt (HTML attribute)

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alt="alternative text for embedded content"


In the event that the user cannot view the content of the embed element - perhaps because of a very slow connection, an incorrect src attribute, or even because the user is blind and is accessing the content using a screen reader - the alt attribute provides an alternative to the content that can be used instead.


The alt attribute clearly explains what the image in this embed element contains:

<embed src="giant-grasshopper.jpg" width="300" height="100"
alt="A giant grasshopper on a roof-top"></embed>


For guidelines regarding the correct usage of the alt attribute, please refer to the section about alt in the img element type.


Poorly supported when used with the embed element. None of the browsers supported rendered alternative text on the page when the media referred to inside the src attribute were not available. For images, you should instead use the img element and the alt attribute for that element (which has excellent support).

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