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@font-face {
font descriptors


The @font-face at-rule allows you to define custom fonts. It was first defined in the CSS2 specification, but was removed from CSS2.1. Currently, it’s a draft recommendation for CSS3. The at-rule contains one or more property declarations, like those in a regular CSS rule set, which are called font descriptors. You can specify up to 24 different properties, but it’s beyond the scope of this reference to explain them all—you can read about them at the W3C Web Fonts page.

The font descriptors allow you to define fonts, and to influence the browser’s selection of fonts when no matching font is found on the client system. This matching can be performed not only on the font name, but on many other font characteristics as well.

In the simplest usage scenario, @font-face allows you to specify a font-family name, and the URI to a source file for the font, which can be downloaded by the user agent if needed. You can then use the font-family name in other font-family declarations where required.


This at-rule declares the font family called Example Font, which is used in the statement that follows:

@font-face {
  font-family: "Example Font";
  src: url("http://www.example.com
  ➥    /fonts/example");
h1 {
  font-family: "Example Font",
  ➥    sans-serif;
Note: Copyright Issues

Make sure you check the license of the font you wish to use, as most fonts are not licensed to allow this kind of use. Making the font available on your server violates most end user licensing agreements.


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Internet Explorer versions 5.5 and later offer a partial implementation for the browser’s WEFT (Web Embedding Fonts Tool) technology, but this only works with EOT (Embedded OpenType Font) files.

Safari version 3.1 and later, Firefox version 3.5 and later, and Opera version 10.0 and later support TrueType/OpenType TT fonts and OpenType PS fonts.

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